Lawyers Land Services Corp. is a member of the New York State Land Title Association.

Disclosure Notice for Title Bill

Please be advised that the lender and/or other parties may have requested Lawyers Land Services Corp., title insurance agent herein, to undertake and perform additional searches or services, prior to closing, which are not necessary for the issuance of the title insurance policy. The searches are not insured and are furnished for information purposes only. No liability is assumed there under.

Such services include but are not limited to: obtaining copies of building permits and the certificate of occupancy or other building department records, conducting searches in the municipal departments for housing, building, fire, fuel oil burner, emergency repairs, sewer, health and highway violations; a report to determine whether access to the subject premises is over a public or privately maintained street; a report as to the landmark designation of a premises; conducting patriot act and bankruptcy searches; locating an existing survey or ordering a new survey on behalf of the borrower.

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